Exhibition News

About Abstraction: Bay Area Women Painters

Opening Reception: Sunday, September 24th, 3 – 5 pm
Exhibition Dates: September 24 – December 17, 2017
Bedford Gallery at the Dean Lesher Center, Walnut Creek, CA


  • various stages of paintings in progress  from first layers
  • New painting from yesterday still wet!   wetpaint acryliconpanel
  • painting on panel  orange pink green
  • wetpaint detail workinprogress   acrylicpainting abstract layers stripes gesture
  • INSIDE THE STUDIO  Visit with Lorene Anderson  Anderson
  • New painting   abstract contemporaryart abstraktekunst layers stripes gesture
  • Detail work in progress   wip detail workinprogress acryliconcanvas
  • work in progress started in summer 2016 Been working on
  • Studio Saturday   acryliconpanel studiosaturday smallpainting minipainting loreneanderson abstraktekunst