In 2018, I was commissioned by Imagery Winery to create a label for an upcoming wine. Imagery Winery features label art commissioned from contemporary artists. Artists are not limited by size, medium or content – except the work must include a likeness of the Parthenon replica on the Benziger Estate, which serves as the winery’s signature.

The winemakers chose my label design for a 2018 White Burgundy Reserve, a limited production (210 cases). The wine was just released! I’m thrilled with the label and the wine is fantastic. Jamie Benziger and Chris Benziger spoke about the wine and its label during a virtual wine tasting – the label “represented the creamy texture” and “the colors are the flavors in this wine”. 

The Imagery Winery art collection has over 500 artworks by over 300 artists. Since the inception of the very first Imagery art pieces, the list of contributing artists has grown to include some of the most recognized in the world including: Sol LeWitt—CT, Shoichi Ida—Japan, Terry Winters—NY, William Wiley—CA, Goncalo Ivo—Brazil, Judy Pfaff—NY, David Nash—Wales and Pat Steir—NY. 


The original painting is currently displayed in the Imagery Winery tasting room: