Cleaving Grain, 2020, acrylic on panel, 18 x 24 inches

My painting, Cleaving Grain, is part of a virtual exhibition of a selection of gallery artists at K. Imperial Fine Art titled “Working in Place, too”

Expanding on our inaugural virtual show, we’re pleased to present to you new works created by our gallery artists during this prolonged shelter in place.  “Working in Place, too” touches on the familiar situation many artists find themselves in… creating in solitude.  Many of their practices require solitary devotion, yet there’s an added stillness and solemnity and weight, even an unrest and anxiety.  Their creations are moving and poignant; in many ways an expression of what we are all feeling yet can’t express.  The art born during this unusual time in history is significant and we’re honored to share it with you.

Artists in the exhibition:

Emil Alzamora
Lorene Anderson
Melissa Dickenson
Missy Engelhardt
Kiki Gaffney
Martin Javier Palottini
Hadley Radt
Samantha Wall